Creative classes in English

We offer creative classes to children, where we combine the joy of creation with recreation. It is ideal after school as relaxation or just for fun. It is for mixed age groups (between 5 and 14 year old pupils), but it does not affect the quality of their artwork as every child works on their own.

We have been invited to / participated in AISB’s Welcome Back Coffee since two years. In this year the school couldn’t hold this event at the campus. Instead we have sent a short video to share it within the school’s community sites.

Children between 5-14 yrs

Our programme is not performance oriented, and we do not have expectations towards the children. The point is for them to be able to create freely.

The workshops are held on a weekly basis at the same time, on Wednesdays between 5.30 – 7.00 p.m. Children are presented with different topics and techniques during each workshop. We believe that even children who are not especially talented can create in their own right, but with a little bit of guidance they can come up with extraordinary things. And we try to stop time and free ourselves from the challenges of everyday life. And, of course, children can take their finished products home.

Art teacher

My name is Orsolya Barabássy please call me BORSI


II. district in Hűvösvölgy, 1028 Budapest, Kertváros u. 23.

5 mins drive from AISB.

ArtBuda Alkotóműhely

1028 Budapest, Kertváros u. 23. Hungary